If You Take a Kid for a Hike

Z thought he was something else climbing everywhere Daddy did!

So, this post is a few weeks coming. I was all excited to come to my little bloggy world and post about us going on this hike. Then the day after our lovely hike, I got bumped in the head and took 2 weeks off from blogging. So, I am here now to talk about it. 

One beautiful Saturday afternoon, we were sitting around trying to figure out what to do. Jeremy asked, like he always does, what we wanted to do. Z replied, like he always does, that he didn't know. I actually knew for once! I wanted to go on a hike. Not just a stroll through the woods. A hike. I could tell that Jeremy didn't want to, but he went anyway. 

He got his walking stick, hiking pack, and Z his canteen. Away we went! Z had a "walking stick" from a past walk. He decided he wanted to take that with him. We drove about 30 minutes from where we live out into the boonies. We were seeing all kinds of "Private Property" signs and I was getting truly worried. Then out of no where, it opened up to a parking area. 

Family photos in nature!
So, away we went on our hike. There was a beautiful area of just wild flowers. I thought that my mother in law would LOVE that area. I was ready to get to the waterfall though!! So was the kiddo. So, we kept going. Kept climbing. Finally, we could hear the waterfall. It was so exciting!! Then, we saw it!! 

They look so proud of themselves!!
So, we climbed around for about an hour and explored. You could tell that this waterfall would be roaring after a good rain. There was downed trees, practically, in certain areas. There was another family there with grown boys exploring. We noticed them go behind the waterfall. Well! My little boy wanted to do that. So, I suggested to Jeremy to take him back there. He just wanted to sit and take in the beauty around him...

So, I had one of the most muscle tensing moments as a Momma. I climbed on these slippery rocks with my 6 year old and went in the little cave behind the waterfall with Z. My body was already starting to ache after we were done, but let me tell you....It was wort it!! He was so excited to be BEHIND A WATERFALL and IN A CAVE!

Pretty awesome, right?!? You can kinda see how slippery the rocks were. Yikes!!
So, we hiked back to the car and then went home and took a nap. All of us. We were all so tired. Let me tell you...I was soooo sore the next two days. Lugging this chunky body up and down rocks is a work out. Not to mention picking up a 40 lb kid as well. It was completely worth it and so much fun though. We are, hopefully, going to a new hiking location this weekend.

Here are some of the beautiful wildflowers, btw.
So, there you go. Our hiking experence. 
Have you ever taken a kid on a hike?!
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Insta-Lately 004


See, I told you I would be back to normal posting this week. For those who noticed. :-) 
Let me tell you...this past weekend caught up to me this morning. It took nearly everything I had to get out of bed. I nearly was late to work because of it. I am so tired. I was off work Friday and I went from about 7:45 that morning until we crashed last night. Whew. I need a vacation! 

I wanted to take more photos this past week (especially this weekend) with my phone. To help remember the fun weekend. I just never seemed to have my phone on me. I was that busy. Between being a bridesmaid and a mom to the ring bearer, having my phone on me was just not a priority!

However, here are a few photos from this past week: 

1 - Monday morning started very overcast and cold. I was kinda worried that it would be that way for the wedding. It actually started sleeting & spitting snow ( IN APRIL!) on Tuesday. 

2 - Me and my little guy. He loves telling stories to me. This was one of those moments. 

3 - Wednesday evening was very beautiful. Z got his Easter basket from my parents and it had cool 3-D chalk in it! So, we just had to play with that as soon as we got home. We love to draw with sidewalk chalk!!

4 - The adorable kiddos practicing their part in the wedding. Z is such a helper! 

5 - I have always loved this place. I wanted to get married there myself. So, I just really enjoyed and took in the beauty of where we were. It was even more beautiful that we were there on a beautiful Spring weekend!

6 - We were calling the wedding done! This was about 11:30pm. Whew. We were danced out. Z danced and danced. If you ask him what his favorite part of the wedding was, he would tell you the dancing. He left with about 30 glow sticks on his neck. (He looked like one of those women who elongate their necks) and I left with some poofy hair after taking all the bobby pins out. It was a LOVELY wedding and we had a blast. 

So, there you go. Just the few photos I took with my phone. I will be back later this week with more photos and wedding fun. (and about 3 weeks worth of Project 52!) 
 Have a great week!
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Worldess Wednesday || My World!

I am better because of them! My world! My loves!

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I'll be back!

He isn't very sporty. That is quite alright. He had a BLAST!

So, you might have noticed (or not), that I was a bit MIA last week. I got knocked in the noggin a week ago Sunday. We didn't go to the hospital or doctor. I do believe that I got a slight concussion though. I was a bit out of it for two days. Monday we horrible! All I could do was work and sleep. 

So, I took it easy all week. 
Friday (this photo) we had a bit of fun with our family and church family. 
Saturday my sister in-law came in from California and I went on a date with my man. 

Why did my sis in-law come back in town? Well, that brings me to this week. She is getting married this Saturday. Yep. The day before Easter. She has also been in Cali up to Saturday. Her momma has been running around like crazy to put on the best wedding her little girl could ask for. This week, we are going to be B.U.S.Y!!

So, I am going to be a bit MIA this week as well. I will be back next week with the P52 link up and lots and lots of pictures. Of course some really fun posts! 

Have a great week peeps!

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I grew up with my best friend!

The first time we "played" in the snow since we were kids!
I am one blessed woman. I grew up with my best friend. A bit before I was 2 years old, my sister was born. There are probably no two people more different than my sister and I. However, she was my "better half", for most my life. All those years before we became married.

Why is she my better half? She is the person I have always looked up to. Well, for as long as I can remember. I am sure I didn't look up to her when I was a toddler. I was too busy bossing her around, sneakily trying to get her in trouble, and teaching her to talk. When we got older though, I realized (even though sometimes it was begrudgingly) she was that person in my life that I looked up to.

She is a go-getter type of person. I am a "Eh, I'll get to it tomorrow" kinda gal. She is a goal setter and accomplishes. I am more of a lets just see what this life throws my way. She is quite and laid back. Ha ha ha. You've met me right? I am just not that...at all. She graduated salutatorian of her class. It wasnt even a full point between her and the valedictorian. I am sure my family was just happy that I graduated! She got married and still managed to finish college. Went back and got numerous additions to her degree while having 3 kids! I didn't get married before or during college and still couldn't manage to get my lazy bum up to complete college.

I am not saying any of these things to say she is better than I am. I know that if I was saying this to my parents or my husband, they would say no one person is better than the other. We are just different. My strengths lie elsewhere. I am just not listing them right now. I am listing these things that I admire about my sister.

I do look up to her. I admire her. Even in all that. She is the one person in this world that has lived the (near exact) life that I have. We grew up together. We experienced the same things. The good. The bad. We can be having a conversation about things and just end with, "Ugh! You know what I mean, right?" and she does. No one else does. They sympathize. They don't know, though.

I am beyond blessed to have grown up with my best friend. To have had that best friend be the person I look up to. To have that person, now, live just down the street from me. To go to church every Sunday with her and her guys. For her boys and my son to be best friends. They are the closest things Z has to brothers. For her to be a text or a phone call away. For our lunches. For our giggles when no one else gets what we are giggling about. For those moments when people look at us and say, "This has to be your sister!".

I love my sister and I wouldn't trade her for the world.
I probably would have when I was younger. I remember trying to convince that platinum blonde headed girl she was adopted. lol. I remember one ride home from school me screaming at the top of my lungs at her. Now, I wouldn't. Not for the world!

I love you sissy!
Terrible quality, I know.
It is a scan-in of a tiny photo.

Who is your better half? Now or before you became a Mrs./Mr.? 

Have a great weekend!!

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6 Months

So, that's it. 6 months. I really cannot wrap my mind around it to be true. 6 months ago Tuesday, I woke up at 16:00 and just couldn't do it anymore. What couldn't I do?!

- Get up to an empty house anymore. 
- Close that door & leave for work again, knowing my family would be there shortly. 
- Function that sick one more night. 
- Put up with that person one more moment. 
- Spend the night at work when I should be tucked in with my hubby after tucking my kid in.
- Rush home to make sure I made it just in time to see my guys walk out the door. 
- Watch the sun rise as I went to sleep. 
- Be soooo tired and depressed on the weekend that I couldn't even enjoy my weekend. 

I am not going to talk about the job itself. Truly, the job didn't bother me. It was a job. Everyone, even the best ones, have their good days, and their bad days. This was just a toxic environment that I could no longer be in.  I woke up, got sick, said enough-is-enough, and called it quits. 

Yes, maybe it wasn't the most thought out decision. It was, clearly, a fly by the seat of my pants decision! My husband stood by me though. Not only that, he took care of me. Took care of me when I had immediate and deep regret. That "Oh no! What have I done?!" moment. By moment, I mean two weeks. Two solid weeks of no sleeping or eating. He worked 7 days a week making sure we kept the house. Amazing man. 

So, where am I 6 months after walking away from that part of my life?! 
I am a LOT better! I am a better La'Shawn. I am happier. I sleep better. I laugh more. I have gotten 2 migraines. TWO MIGRAINES IN SIX MONTHS PEOPLE!! When I was having them every other week. At least. I get to eat dinner with my family. Go on family walks. Share a bed with my husband. Tuck my child in. I am working a job I don't mind going to. I actually like it! 

I am happy! 
 Just happy!

I wonder what the next 6 months will be like?

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